Evacuated Glass Tubes

Evacuated Glass Tubes

Sun-solar Energy System is a professionally run organization founded. We believed in providing efficient service with authentic knowledge. Since 2012 we started Sun-solar Energy System to provide service in the field of Sun-solar Products, as this was one of the less promoted Industrial Areas. We have about 1 years experience in field of manufacturing of Solar water heating systems. Designing of various products has been done successfully under our supervision.

We created a niche by not only by providing good & products but also by also by giving reliable service. Our market study made us aware that this Service will be a Need rather than Luxury.

Sourced from some of the leading and reliable manufacturers of the industry, our range of Solar Home Light is running high in demand due to their ability to reduce power cost, optimum performance, low maintenance requirement and longer service life. To ensure their durability and reliability, our vendors manufacture the range making use of quality approved raw material and components. Further, to gain utmost satisfaction, we offer prompt and effective after sale services for the range.

Product Info:

  • Diameter of Outer/Inner Tube: 47/37, 58/47
  • Length of Tube: 1500/1800, 1800
  • Thickness of Tube 1.6 +/- 0.15, 2.0+/-0.15 2.2?.15

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:  
Item Specification: Three Targets (operation Temp. around 1000C)
Absorptance of Selective Coating (AM1.5): Alpha = 92.5%
Emission of Selective Coating(80 C +/- 5 C): sh = 6.5% sh = 6.5%
Stagnation Parameter Y : 240m20C/kW
Solar Radiance Exposure H 3.0MJ/m2
Average Heat Loss Coefficient ULT 0.65W/(m2.0C)
Selective Coating Material: SS-AL-N/Cu
Application field Hot water
Vaccum Quality P=3x10-3Pa
Pressure-proof: 0.6MPa
Transmittance of GlassTube t=0.89 (AM1.5ISO9806-1:1994)
Knots of GlassTube Knots(�=1mm) 2 pieces in area of 10mmx10mm; Knots(=, 2.5mm) = 5 pieces in the whole tube.


  • All glass evacuated tubes are the absorbing component of the solar water heater. They absorb solar energy and convert it into energy used for water heating. Each evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes which are made from extremely strong borosilicate glass. The outer tube is transparent, allowing light rays to pass through with minimal reflection. The inner tube is coated with a specially selected coating which features an excellent solar-radiation absorption rate and minimal reflection properties. The top of the two tubes are fused together and the air contained in the space between the two layers of glass is pumped out while exposing the tube to high temperatures. This "evacuation" of the glasses forms a vaccum, which is an important factor in the performance of the evacuated tubes.
  • Evacuated tube solar collectors still provide an excellent result on a cloudy day. This is because the tubes are able to absorb the energy from infrared rays, which can pass through clouds. Wind and low temperatures also have less effect on the function of the evacuated tubes when comparing them to the flat plate solar collectors. This comes due to the insulating properties of the vaccum.
  • As the key components of the solar collector, the evacuated tubes have a production that is optimized in geometry and performance.
  • The tubes are composed of two concentric glass tubes with in each case are half spherically closed on one side and fused together on the other side.
  • In order to make the solar power usable, the internal glass tube is provided on its external surface with an environmentally friendly, highly selective layer and is thus designed as an absorber.
  • This coating is thus protected within the vaccum gap. It is an aluminum nitrite sputter layer which is characterized by very low emission and very good absorption.